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Don't throw it away

Made fennel tzatziki this weekend. I'm looking forward to slathering it on toast. Mmm, Greece!

Mike is taking me to a mystery concert this weekend. I'm trying to avoid looking up who it could be, but it's difficult. :-) I do know who's playing at the concert in the park next Tuesday--that would be me, and the last time I'll be playing with the community band for a while. (The practices are on Tuesdays, and Japanese will be running Tuesdays and Thursdays through December.) As much as I loved my high school band director, our director has a great sense of humor. And I just got my clarinet repadded. Sigh.

I'm suffering from "eyes are bigger than...well...eyes" syndrome. It's taking me a long time to get through The Windup Girl (I'm about a quarter through), and my next book on CD (The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, which we're reading for the office book club) is already ready at the library. I'm hoping to get done with Who Fears Death soon, however. I'm loving the book, and I'm enjoying actually reading it--which is a rare thing, these days. Then I'll have The Girl Who Played With Fire and another book on writing historical fiction coming up next. (I need to finish the former before my aunt--whose book it is--heads back to California.) And I have three additional books I'm reading to research the novel. And The Road to Saya. Too many storylines! My head will be exploding soon...

Finally figured out the next section of my novel. The hero leaves his home and meets up with others who can help him along the way... Sadly, outlining the first few chapters and starting two stories ("Sitting in Judgment" and "Sirens") are all I got done during the Write-a-thon. (I started the stories and then realized they were ideas, not stories. I need to work more on plotting before I charge off with no map.) I'm currently trying to determine the size of my Fail Donation. :-)


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Aug. 10th, 2010 07:35 pm (UTC)
Really glad you've been back in touch with your clarinet-fu. Even if you're about to take a break, the fact that you've been playing will make it that much easier to take up again. And: Japanese! Yay!
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