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I applied for The Job after spending 3-4 hours working on my online resume. The application window is open for another two weeks, and I don't know when they'll be having interviews, but I'll keep everyone updated. (And I'll try not to spend too much time worrying about whether or not I'll be rejected just because I didn't finesse the keywords enough.)

Mike and I had a long conversation on Monday night about the current season of Doctor Who.

My take: I could stop watching where I left off ("The Hungry Earth") and not be too unhappy, even though I don't know the ultimate fate of Amy and the other two left in enemy hands at the end of this episode. I do not like this season, and a lot of it has to do with the writing and character building (or lack thereof), and the recycled ideas ("Hey, the fans liked it before! Let's do it again!") that do not recycle well.

When it comes to characters returning, the writing suffers from the failure that has characterized the various reappearances of Captain Jack: he was a real character in the first season, but now (when he appears on DW, at least) he's just a parody of himself. I felt the same way this season when River came back in the two-part episode about the angels.

And when the Doctor saves the day, I don't buy it. His solutions to the challenges he faces seem to fall under "if anything is possible, nothing is interesting"--the writers put him in a corner, and he makes up a random way out, but it comes out of nowhere.

But what is most telling is this: I would travel with 9, I would travel with 10, but I would not under any circumstances travel with 11. I think Amy is insane. As Mike pointed out--despite the fact that he's liking this season--people could get hurt on this Doctor's watch because he isn't necessarily up to the task.

Currently reading: Who Fears Death (and enjoying it immensely!) and The Road to Saya
Currently listening: The Windup Girl (which I'm liking a lot as well--I was hooked when they introduced the megadonts)
Currently researching: Coal mining!

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