SCB (initialdescent) wrote,

On a wing

Barnfest music festival today. When we arrived in Red Wing, it had just finished raining. Then the sun came out. I spent most of the concert huddled under my umbrella, reading about the different types of mines and how they were constructed, trying not to fry. There was an adorable tomcat, gray with white boots, and I spent a while paying homage to him and then trying to look-but-not-touch the harps that they make at Hobgoblin Music. They're beautiful. The concert was a lot of familiar material in a lovely setting.

Whenever I see Johnny from Storyhill, he makes me think of Ian from my reallybiglongstory. In fact, "Johnny" is Ian's nickname. It's what Aysha calls him.

Oh, rbls. Someday I will find a use for you beyond keeping me sane.

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