SCB (initialdescent) wrote,

Domestic bliss

Today, I cleaned the house, made the world's best gazpacho, and watched Inception. We were the only two people in the theater for Inception, which made for a much better viewing experience.

I am attempting to formulate a response to the movie (beyond continuing to shake my fist at the Internet for making jokes about the movie shortly after it came out that gave away what was going on), but my major reaction was this: Who are these people? And which one is my main character? Yeah, yeah, it's Leo, but--as opposed to, say, his character in Shutter Island--it didn't seem like it was completely his story. The visuals were really intriguing (and there was a purpose for the visuals rather than just, "hey, look what we can do!"), but I left the theater with an empty feeling that was separate from my regular Sunday blues.

At least I have a clean house, lunch for the week, and clean sheets! :-)

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