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Speaking in the wrong voice

I was just pulled over twice tonight in one area of town for having a headlight out--once a few seconds after turning on the car and noticing the headlight was out, and once on the way back from an unsuccessful trip to the auto parts store (already closed). Ftl, people.

I'm currently listening to The Hunger Games and having odd moments with the voice actress, because she's also the one who read Chelsea Cain's Heartsick books. I keep expecting her to break out with "Beauty Killer Task Force."

Back at work after a super special 5-day weekend. It looks like we have projects to keep us busy, again.

I finally got my writerly resource for my NaNoNovel (a writers guide to life from Prohibition through WWII), but all I really want to do write now is write scenes from my rbls. I had one stuck in my head to the tune of "Rock That Body" by The Black Eyed Peas today that made me reread all of "Parallel Lies" tonight.

Also got The Birthday Massacre's new album, Pins and Needles. Will be listening to it tomorrow and reporting back.

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